Saturday, October 24, 2009


“ Alone I can smile, but together we can laugh.
Alone I can talk, but together we can shout.
Alone I can live but together we can celebrate.
This is the magic of Friendship.”

Yonks ago, I read above lines in a good book (Don’t ask me the name).These words are true for those who really understand the bondage of good friendship. We put efforts to make friends; we choose them, if they share similar interest and nature. Other relations are associated with us as soon as we born in this world.
When we all met first time in Fergusson College, we all had a different perception about each other. Even though I had met Anshu before, but we never shared any secrets by that time. Now together we passed many winters and summers and have seen each other to grow. Today, almost after a decade our friendship is more mature. And we are entering into a stage where there is no scope of confusion and misunderstanding in our relationship.
I think this blog is a wonderful initiative by all of you. This is a collection of our memories. The moments we have celebrated together. The moments where we laugh, fight and shared a cup of tea together. I am hoping you all will contribute to this blog, to make those moments alive.